2020 Easter Cup Competition Terms & Conditions

The aim of the 2020 Easter Cup competition is to provide players and families with an opportunity to participate in a fun and competitive football tournament just prior to the commencement of the CFC season.

To the best of our ability the tournament will be run as per our FAQ and tournament rules information. We do however reserve the right to modify rules and criteria where necessary for the benefit of a better tournament outcome as decided by the tournament organisers.

1.     PURPOSE

1.1. These Terms & Conditions (T&C) govern the management of the Easter Cup competitions, and should be read and applied in conjunction with the 2020 Easter Cup Rules of Competition (2018 Easter Cup ROC).  Teams (including all players and team managers) nominating and participating in a competition are deemed to agree to abide by the T&C and 2020 Easter Cup ROC.  In the event of inconsistency between these T&C and the 2018 Easter Cup ROC, the 2020 Easter Cup ROC shall prevail.


2.1. Easter Cup Competition Administrator, Chelsea FC  (CFC) will issue notices by email & telephone.  Team managers are required to provide at least one telephone number and valid email.  Team managers have full responsibility for promptly distributing notices or relevant information to teams. Notices issued by the CFC will be deemed to be received by team managers and CFC will not accept responsibility for teams not being advised of information in those notices.


3.1. All fixtures will be played under the 2020 Easter Cup ROC. Team managers and players should read and understand these rules.


4.1. CFC will accept registrations from teams only.

Team registration is via the prescribed online team booking registration form, completed and submitted prior to the nominated close-off times and with the required payments.

Acceptance of registration is at the discretion of CFC and conditional on applicants agreeing to pay the prescribed fees. Late team registrations may be accepted at the discretion of CFC.

4.2. Teams will not be eligible to compete unless their team registration has been accepted and approved by CFC and fees have been paid by 4.59 pm on 31st March 2020.

Full payments are required at the time of team registration.

Once the team registration form and the payment are received by CFC, the team manager will be required to complete a player registration form.

4.3. A team can have their team registration terminated and be ejected from a competition on disciplinary grounds or otherwise as determined by CFC.

4.4. By registering and completing payment, the team manager and players (including their parents where players are under 18 years) accept that planning and financial and other commitments are made by CFC in anticipation of the expected participation.  Given this, refunds are not available in all circumstances.  Refunds of team registration fees are available in limited circumstances as detailed below.

Withdrawal Status:                         Refund
Before 1 March 2020                     Full refund (less the booking fee)
Before 20 March 2020                   $100
After 20 March 2020                      No refund
Disciplinary Termination                 No refund


5.1. Proposed team names must be included on the team registration forms.  Names deemed to be offensive or in poor taste will be rejected by CFC.  If duplication or similarities occur priority will be given to the team which previously used that name.  If this situation does not apply, priority will be given to the nomination received first.


6.1. Teams must have a designated team manager and/or captain whose responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring team fees are paid by the due dates.
  • Submitting the player registration form, complete with FFA ID numbers or extra details for all players.
  • Checking for and receiving notices and advising team members of relevant information in those notices.
  • Representing players, supporters and officials in communications with CFC.
  • Advising CFC of any cancellations and forfeits etc.
  • Checking the draw on game day for changes.
  • Ensuring all team members abide by the 2020 Easter Cup ROC and T&C.
  • Ensuring all team officials that have direct regular contact with a child (under 18 years) in connection with this team (such as a coach and possibly the team manager) obtain and maintain a satisfactory Working with Children Check. Further information can be obtained from the relevant website http://www.justice.vic.gov.au/workingwithchildren/
  • Participating in the coin toss prior to commencement of play.
  • The conduct of all team members during the course of the game.
  • Giving the identity of players when requested by the referee.
  • Signing the Match Record at the completion of play.


7.1. The team manager or captain will be required to check the Match Record prior to start of each match, and ensure all players for that day are listed on the document.

7.2. The referee will enter results on the Match Record.

Both team managers and captains are to sign the Match Record at the completion of the game as an indication that all match results are correct.

In the event of a dispute both team managers are still required to sign the match record. A note about the dispute should be made on the match record by the team manager making the dispute.

Only match result and player eligibility may be disputed, and will be determined by CFC.

7.3. Disputes found to be legitimate will result in the relevant match details being amended. In the case of a dispute on player eligibility, a 6-0 result will be recorded in favor of the opposition.

8.     DRAW and CHANGES

8.1. CFC may need to make changes to the draw and such notices will be sent to team managers in accordance with these terms and conditions.  Team managers will be advised by email and/or telephone/SMS.

8.2. Competition draws for each venue will be published online in full.


9.1. If a team cannot take the field with the minimum required number of players within five minutes of the game starting time that team will lose that game by forfeit.  If neither team is eligible to commence the game the result will be entered as a 0-0 No Result. No points will be awarded to either team.

9.2. If a team notifies CFC Competitions not less than 24 hours from the start of the scheduled game that it will forfeit that game, it will be awarded no points for that game.  If a team does not advise the forfeit accordingly it will be debited 3 competition points from the table.

9.3. If a team forfeits 3 or more games in a competition it may be ejected from that competition by CFC, and no refunds will be given.


10.1. A player may be disciplined by a referee for an infringement or attempted infringement of the 2018 Easter Cup ROC.  A referee has control over players and team officials on or off the field during and after the course of a game in accordance with the 2020 Easter Cup ROC.

10. 2. Any infringements of the 2018 Easter Cup ROC, and/or any acts of misconduct will be addressed in accordance with the CFC Grievance, Disciplinary and Tribunal By-Law 11 (GDT).

10.3. A player sent from the field of play can take no further part in that game and no other player can be substituted. Any further disciplinary action may be taken as FFV sees fit.

10.4. The referee is to complete an incident report for any player sent from the field of play.

10.5. An incident report is to be completed by a referee, or CFC staff member for any serious breaches of discipline.

10.6. Serious breaches of discipline may be referred to the FFV Tribunal and Disciplinary Department for determination under the GDT and related policies and procedures. 

10.7. A player who has been sent off on more than two occasions may be ejected from the competition.  CFC may eject a team from a competition for unacceptable breaches of discipline or misconduct.

10.8. Any suspension means a player/Club Associate is suspended from all FFV activities for the duration of the suspension as outlined in the GDT.

10.9. The FFV Tribunal and Disciplinary Department will process complaints, give warnings and take action on any matter involving deemed unsportsmanlike behaviour or any matter that denigrates the reputation of the sport, competition or management.

11.     REFEREES

11.1. FFV will appoint referees.  Team managers or captains will have no input to the allocation of referees.

11.2. If a team manager wishes to provide feedback on a referee they may complete the online Club Feedback Form available on the CFC website http://www.jotform.com/form/12832901027


12.1. After the start of play a game may be abandoned by CFC or the referee.  A decision to abandon a game will be made considering the safety of players and officials or serious misconduct on the part of teams or team officials.

12.2. A game abandoned at any stage may result in:

  • the match being declared a 0-0 'No Result';
  • a 6-0 win in favor of one team; or
  • the result at the time of abandonment allowed to stand

CFC shall determine the above based on the reason for abandonment.


13.1. Games may be postponed prior to the scheduled start time due to weather conditions, unavailability of grounds or any reason deemed appropriate by CFC.  All postponed games will be entered as a 0-0 'No Result'.


14.1. All players must be registered via the team registration form or MFC (as outlined under point 6 above), to ensure they are covered by FFV Risk Protection Programme. Claims on insurance must be submitted to the insurer via their online form (Gow Gates @ http://www.gowgatessport.com.au/football/). Players participate at their own risk and CFC accepts no responsibility for injuries sustained.


15.1. These terms and conditions may be varied for any particular competition by the CFC and such variations are to be advised to team managers via notice.


16.1. CFC will be relieved of its obligations under these terms and conditions if it cannot operate this competition (or any part of it) by reason of a Force Majeure event.  Such events include but are not limited to the following:-

  • Act of God;
  • War or terrorism;
  • Riot or civil disturbance;
  • Any other event beyond the reasonable control of CFC as the Competition Administrator.


Except liability that cannot be excluded by law, CFC excludes all liability in tort (including negligence), contract or statutory liability for acts or omissions of CFC in relation to this competitions. I agree that I shall indemnify and keep CFC fully indemnified from and against all claims, causes of action, proceedings, demands, costs and expenses whatsoever, which may be taken or made by any person against CFC, or incurred or become payable by CFC, in connection with or arising out of a breach of these T&C. For the purpose of this indemnity, 'CFC' shall mean and include CFC, its officers, agents, employees, contractors, volunteers and members.


Ideally each team shall play a minimum of 5 games through the 2020 Easter Cup Competition.


I acknowledge and agree I may be sent relevant up-to-date information and may be contacted by CFC regarding future competitions and other football participation opportunities and related offers. I understand that my personal information will not be used or disclosed except in accordance with the provisions of CFC's Privacy Policy, as this may vary.

By submitting the Team Registration form and paying the fees, I agree with the Easter Cup Competition Terms and Conditions as outlined above

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