2020 Easter Cup - Rules of Competition

Game Format

7 players’ vs 7 players (including a goal keeper). 
2 * 15 minute halves with a 5 minute half time break.
Unlimited interchange.  Interchange can be made at any time during the game.
No offside.

Semi Final Only – In the event of a draw during normal time we will go to a penalty shootout  (as per the FIFA laws of the game).
Grand Finals Only - In the event of a draw during normal time we will play extra time (2 five minute halves).  If still drawn penalty a penalty shootout  (as per the FIFA laws of the game) will be held.

Age groups and eligibility to play

  • Each player must be registered with the FFA for season 2018.  Before the first game each team must provide a completed registration form which nominates each player’s name, date of birth and FFA ID.
  • Each team must have a minimum of 7 players and a maximum of 10 players.
  • A game will not commence where any team has less than 5 players.
  • All games will start on a central clock – if a team is not on the pitch ready to play the opposing team will be awarded 1 goal every 5 minutes until such time that 5 players are available to play.
  • Each team must be managed by a minimum of one adult.
  • Any team who fields an unregistered player will forfeit the match 6 nil.

Pitch, Goal and Ball Dimensions

  • Pitches will be between 50 to 70m long x 30 to 50m wide
  • Penalty area 10 meters wide x 5 meters deep.
  • Goals Sizes will be a 5m wide by 2m high
  • Size 4 balls.


  • 1 registered FFV official will referee each match.
  • There are no lines people or assistant referees.
  • The organising club, Chelsea FC will have 1 official per 2 pitches
  • Each club playing must provide an official for each match who is responsible for that clubs code of conduct.

Start of play and restart after a goal

  1. Play is started and restarted from the middle of the halfway line with all players in their own half of the field of play.
  2. Opponents must be at least 5m away from the ball.
  3. The ball is in play once it moves.

Corner Kicks

  1. Corner kicks will be awarded when the ball crosses the goal line and is last touched by the defending team.
  2. Opponents must be at least 5m away from the ball.
  3. The ball is in play once it moves.

The Goal Keeper

  1. The goalkeeper is not allowed to kick or drop kick the ball directly from their hands to restart play after a save or gathering the ball with their hands.
  2. The ball must be thrown or rolled from their hands or played from the ground with their feet.
  3. If the ball crosses the goal line without entering the goals and is last touched by the attacking team, a standard goal kick will apply from within the penalty box.

Free Kicks.

  1. All free kicks are direct unless otherwise indicated by the referee.
  2. Opponents must be at least 5m away from the ball when the free kick is taken.
  3. For deliberate or serious acts of handball or fouls and misconduct in the penalty area, a penalty kick is awarded. All other players must be outside the penalty area and be at least 5m behind the ball. The penalty kick shall be taken from the midpoint of the top of the penalty area (10m from goal).


a) Instead of throwing the ball, a „throw-in‟ will be awarded as indirect free kicks from where the ball crossed the touch line.

b) Opponents must be at least 5 m away from the ball when the free kick is taken.

c) A goal cannot be scored directly from a kick in.

Competition Format.

  1. The first named team in the draw shall be designated the home team.
  2. A draw will determine the pools. A round robin format will be played in each pool.
  3. Competition points shall be awarded as follows:
      *  WIN - Three points
      *  DRAW - One point
      *  LOSS - Nil points
  4. In the event of two or more teams having equal points, their respective positions on the ladder shall be determined as follows:

      * Goal Difference.

      * Highest number of goals scored.

      * Results of the head to head clash(es) between the teams equal on points.

      * In the event of the teams still being equal, the event organisers shall determine the final position via a coin toss.

  5. If a team withdraws prior to the competition commencing, we will try and find a replacement. If a replacement cannot be found then a “bye” will be inserted for all matches involving the withdrawn team in that pool.

f) If a team withdraws once the competition commences then all matches involving the withdrawn team will be recorded as a 6-0 loss to the withdrawn team (regardless of whether the match has already been played or not)

g) For any match postponed due to unforeseen events such as weather, lighting failure etc, these matches will be recorded as a 0-0 draw and a point awarded to each team. Due to timeline restrictions, no matches can be rescheduled as the length of the competition cannot be extended.

h) If a match is abandoned with less than 80% of the game played then the result will be a 0-0 draw and a point will be awarded to each team. If a match is abandoned after 80% game time has been played, the result at the time of abandonment shall be final. Any team that walks off the pitch will forfeit the match and further penalties may apply.

The determination of Finals placings and structures will be released with fixtures.

Match Rules.

a) Player’s equipment shall be in accordance with the FIFA Laws of the Game.

Playing Strip.

a) Each player must wear a top which is the same colour as the rest of their team, except the goalkeeper.

b) Shorts and socks may be any colour

c) Shirt numbers are compulsory.

Disciplinary Matters.

a) CFC shall be responsible for all disciplinary matters relating to players competing in the Tournament.

b) CFC shall, in need, appoint a three (3) person disciplinary panel and their decision shall be binding and final. 

c) A player who receives two (2) cautions during the Tournament shall miss the next match in the Tournament.

d) A player who is sent from the field of play by a referee shall be automatically suspended until his team has played one further match in the Tournament.

Medical Attention.

a) One nominated team official or a nominated representative will only be permitted to enter the field of play where injury has taken place to a player in the nominated team officials team as per the following conditions:

i. Should any player playing in a Tournament game receive injury, the agreed team official/representative shall have the right to enter the field of play to attend the player in the absence of the tournament designated medical person when directed to do so by the referee.

ii. Where the designated Tournament medical person is in attendance at the pitch the agreed official/representative shall be permitted on the field to assist the designated Tournament medical person as required.

Chelsea Football Club (CFC) – CONTACT DETAILS:

Address: Edithvale Rd Edithvale Victoria 3196

Phone: 0409 587 710

E-mail: [email protected]




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